Dear Tumblr Addicts: Fake Scientist Will Cure Your Symptoms

Dear Students, Teachers, Janitors:

Fake Scientist here — the author of your favorite fake science blog. If our lab’s calculations are right, most of you have been back in school for a while, experimenting with glue inhalation and testing if Bunsen burners can ignite human hair. You’re probably just finishing your fourth reread of our new 272-page textbook, Fake Science 101. Though it was banned in Houston — because of a supposed “lack of facts” — Fake Science 101 covers everything from earth science to astronomy, complete with handy charts and quizzes to keep you occupied during lectures. But while we know that real science is what keeps most of you up at night, the Internet is what keeps us up — and breaking away can be difficult. Our research is here to help. With Tumblr as our guide, we’ve identified five ways to know you’ve got an Internet addiction problem — and, of course, how to solve it.

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Finger Paintings by Judith Braun

(charcoal dust)

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Like A Sir

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one more time! 

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by lenw

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Being here, by Mark Garry, thread pins, beads

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The Blue Dragon 

by Steve Richards (Badger)

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My dad just walked in to my room and said I know why you are so sad my deep condolences I told you not to put all you hopes on Real Madrid


I started to cry hysterically. We were so close I wanted this so bad for the boys and for us.

But still now and forever

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In MOU We Trust.. At least there’s good progress in Real Madrid than last year.

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